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From your 20s, changing the world.

OT Community was founded in 2021 by young people from Japan and Europe.

Born out of the desire to "unleash the hope and potential of 20-somethings now" in a world of accelerating turmoil and change, OT exists as a community that promotes the growth of diverse 20-somethings regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

OT is working to empower 20-somethings through communication and connection, and to create a world where everyone can thrive and shine.

Why We Do What We Do

We at OT believe that youth leadership is the key to changing the world for the better, and we create opportunities for young people to establish themselves and grow in a stimulating environment.

About OT


OT is a non-profit organization that, through discussions and international forums

It is a for-profit organization that aims to foster the growth of 20-somethings around the world.

Since its founding in Japan and Europe in 2021,

OT has been working to realize "a world where everyone shines by empowering 20-somethings through communication and connection.


The OT Community has two main functions. One is the function of clubs. Clubs are freely established and run by members. Members are free to join clubs that interest them, make friends, exchange ideas with others, and participate in events. The second is the Mentor feature, which allows members of the OT Community to use mentors on a subscription basis. Mentors are used in different ways by different people. You can use it to hone your expertise, or you can use it to chart your career steps.



The OT is a generation-only community open only to those in their 20s, ages 20-29.
No matter your nationality or affiliation, as long as you are in your 20s, young people from all over the world are welcome to join this innovative and inspiring community.

What are the objectives of youth participation in the OT Community?

OT attracts 20-somethings from around the world who are willing and want to grow. We also have young people who want to take advantage of professional mentors to help them grow. In addition to that, there will be other events to help us grow, making it a great community for 20-somethings who want to expand their knowledge, with inspiring friends.

What can the OT Community do for you?

OT allows us to grow by

・Participate in discussions on current issues and hot topics

・Connect with inspiring peers from around the world

・Access to quality mentors at low cost

What is your vision for the OT Community?

OT is a community service by OVER20 & Company, a Japanese startup company with the vision of "changing the world from your 20s. OVER20 aims to "empower people in their 20s through connection and communication to create a world where everyone can thrive and shine. If you are interested in joining us, you can apply here!

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