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Clubs Guidance

How to create a club in the OT Community

A club consisting entirely of members of the Community may apply to the OT Management to be registered as a club of the Community.

Registered clubs are entitled to be listed on the web page of this Community.


List of registered organizations


Re-registration of Clubs

The system will work for clubs that have been previously accredited by uploading them to the system.

New registrations must first be emailed to the Junior Proctor for consideration.


Useful Documents

Here are some detailed notes on registering clubs, as well as some useful supporting documents

Registration Form (

Leader List (


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for this community? 

Submit a form. The registration form can be found above.

  • Can I invite outside people in their 30s or older to be members of my club?

All club members must be members of this community.

  • Should I report any problems within the club to the management?

If there is any trouble in the club, it should be reported to the management. In some cases, this may result in termination of the club or other disciplinary action.

  • Who can be a club leader?

Club leaders can be decided by discussion within the club. Once leaders are decided, a leader list must be submitted to the administration. The leader list form can be found above.

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